Spółka partnerska — czas na zmiany

  1. Jerzy Jacyszyn



This study is concerned with the limited liability partnership, which is regulated by Articles 86–101 of the Commercial Companies Code. The author believes that this entity requires changes in the legislation for it to continue under the changing economic conditions.
The limited liability partnership is established by natural persons performing freelance professions. Due to the lack of a normative definition of the term “freelance profession,” it is necessary to determine what this term means. This can be done by indicating the characteristic features of the free profession. Here, the doctrine to which the author refers will prove helpful.
However, the author suggests that we consider replacing the term “free profession” with the term professionals or regulated professions, so as to update the scope of persons who can become partners of the limited liability partnership in the near future. Such a need arises, among others, from the tendency to liberalize legislation.

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Przegląd Prawa i Administracji

101, 2015. Osiemdziesiąt lat polskiego prawa handlowego

Pages from 111 to 129

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