Wolność gospodarcza a wolny zawód

  1. Jerzy Jacyszyn



The aim of the study is an attempt to answer questions of whether there is arelationship between economic freedom and liberal profession, whether they are mutually pertaining and complementary concepts, or rather independent and sovereign ones that clearly separate their areas of terminology.
In this situation it is worth asking the question whether the term “liberal profession” in terms of economic freedom has kept its raison d’etre, whether liberal professions have the force of law towards their commercialization, and whether it is still appropriate to use the concept of liberal profession in relation to specific professional groups.


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Przegląd Prawa i Administracji

103, 2015. Przedsiębiorca w społecznej gospodarce rynkowej. Trybunały, sądy, wolność gospodarcza

Pages from 235 to 244

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