Czasopisma Naukowe w Sieci (CNS)

Sędzia jako osoba sprawująca „wymiar sprawiedliwości”

  1. Sławomir Tkacz ORCiD: 0000-0003-2858-2930



The subject of discussion is the question of the activities of judges in the judicial sphere, which is called justice. It has been established that the use of the concept of justice involves the need to determine what form of justice is taken into account by the courts in the adjudication process. In the course of the study it was also the issue of the independence and impartiality of judges. The study also covered the problem of easy and difficult interpretation cases. Attention was also paid to the justification of the judgments, in particular the sincerity of the judge giving the written justification of the judgment. Lastly, attention was paid to the current dangers facing the judges regarding the verdict. The paper close the conclusions arising from the study.

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Przegląd Prawa i Administracji

110, 2017

Strony od 177 do 203

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